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This patient received the following procedures:

    57-year-old male who had a previous facelift 10 years ago now presents with excess volume (filler) in the midface and mild loose skin along the jawline and neck. The patient would like all of the filler removed. Discussed with the patient that if all of the filler is dissolved, his skin will sag, and we will need to retighten his facial skin. Also, the patient is also bothered by his hump, overprojected nose, and his droopy tip. He likes the width of his nose on the frontal view and does not want to change this if possible. After images show the patient with revision facelift after dissolving filler in midface and in lower face to retighten jawline, neckline, and to improve the sagging skin created after dissolving filler. The patient also underwent an open rhinoplasty to remove the hump, lift the tip, and deproject the tip while maintaining the width of the nose on the frontal view.

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