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If you are one of the millions of Americans with unsightly spider veins, you will be happy to know that our team at Northside Plastic Surgery provides effective, non-invasive treatments for spider vein removal. Our advanced laser treatment systems can treat large, web-like veins on your thighs, legs, and feet as well as spider veins under the delicate skin of your nose and face. The best part: these easy, gentle treatments require no downtime, and can be completed in under an hour.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are structurally-damaged veins under your skin that have an appearance similar to purple, blue, and red spiderwebs. They are not known to pose any medical risk, but their unsightly appearance can make you self-conscious and unwilling to bare your skin at the beach or pool, wear revealing clothing, and leave you feeling less confident in intimate situations.

Spider veins appear in as high as fifty percent of Americans and can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Standing or sitting for long periods over time
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Excess weight
  • Age
  • Birth control pills

Facial spider vein removal

Spider veins on the face can make you look older and less attractive. Facial skin is too delicate for many of the harsher lasers that are effective at removing spider veins – except for one: the Nd:YAG laser. At Northside Plastic Surgery, we use this revolutionary laser system to safely and gently heat and destroy these damaged veins even in the most delicate facial areas. Spider veins usually appear around your eyes and nose, which is why it requires top-level skills and experience.

Removing spider veins from your thighs, legs, and feet

Your thighs, legs, and feet are the most likely area to develop spider veins. Thankfully, removing them is as simple and easy as a few quick laser treatments from the Nd:YAG laser system. This revolutionary laser system is fully customizable and allows us to use specific wavelengths and frequencies of light to target and remove the troublesome veins without damaging your skin or the nearby tissue.

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Atlanta Spider Vein Removal

Am I a candidate?

Candidates for spider vein removal include those who:

  • Suffer from unsightly spider veins on their face, thighs, legs, or feet
  • Desire a clean, fresh appearance without these blemishes
  • Are in general good health
  • Do not smoke (or are willing to quite for a few days before and after treatment)
  • Are not actively pregnant or breastfeeding

What to expect with spider vein removal?

When you arrive at Northside Plastic Surgery for spider vein removal, we will begin with a thorough analysis of your condition and discuss your options. The vein removal process is performed in our in-office treatment room, where you will be resting comfortably in privacy. We will prepare the treatment area by using a topical anesthetic gel. The laser treatment is then performed, which takes less than an hour and is relatively painless. Some patients describe the sensation as feeling like the snap of a rubber band, while others experience it as a minor sting.

Once the treatment is complete, you can expect some of the minor vessels to disappear very quickly, while others vanish over time. There is no downtime, though you may feel some residual bruising or redness for a few hours after the treatment. You may need up to three treatments to entirely remove all spider veins in an area, though this varies by patient.

Why choose Northside Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA?

When you are considering any aesthetic procedure to enhance your appearance, choosing your practitioner is the most important decision. No technique, technology, or procedure will be effective in the untrained or inexperienced hands – which is why our accredited, accomplished, and highly-trained team at Northside Plastic Surgery is the top choice for countless patients throughout the Atlanta area.

Dr. Mike Majmundar is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has been named a Top Doctor by Atlanta Magazine, among many other accolades and awards. You can be confident you are in professional, experienced hands at Northside Plastic Surgery. If you are interested in natural-looking and effective results, then call us today at (770) 830-3648 to schedule a consultation.

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