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Visage MD Skin Care - Available in our Online Skin Care Store

Visage MD skin care is the result of extensive research to develop highly effective facial products for both men and women based on reliable scientific studies. Dr. Majmundar, our board certified facial plastic surgeon, worked with a cosmetic chemist to choose clinical products with high-purity ingredients that have a solid history of safety and efficacy so patients can feel confident they are applying products that actually change the appearance and health of their facial skin. Created in 2015, Visage MD popularity has grown fueling the creation of our online skin care store to keep up with demand.

Frustrated with both the growing number of available medical grade products that contained ingredients unsuitable for the face, products that did not provide results, and the need for using multiple products in each skin care regimen that could easily be combined to save cost and time, Dr. Mike Majmundar created his own facial skin care line, Visage MD.

The Visage MD skin care line is made-to-order, customized to the patient’s needs, and always, free of harmful solvents, fragrance, and parabens. The products are not tested on animals, are gluten free, and vegan. Many of our products, such as Exfolibright C with antioxidants, CE Brightening serum, and Dual Restorative Eye Cream with TCA and Retinol are multi-functional which eliminates the need for several separate products. Schedule a Complimentary Skin Care Consultation today and we will be happy to help you choose the appropriate products for your skin type.

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