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In-office trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels, such as our Rejuvenation Peel and Sensi Peel, are used to improve skin texture, skin tone, fine lines, pore size, and stubborn brown spots or melasma in an easy 30 minute appointment. This peel is ideal for busy individuals who do not have the 7 day downtime for our TCA MD peel.

The superficial TCA peels (Rejuvenation Peel) help improve the overall appearance and smoothness of the skin, giving the patient a nice glow before a major event, or when performed as a series of 3-5 peels, can help with large pore size, breakouts, fine lines, and lighten brown spots. It is considered a painless no-downtime peel and performed in the office in 30 minutes with mild flaking for two to five days, which can be covered with makeup.

Our TCA peels include post-peel skin care products in an easy to carry bag to optimize the results of the peel. The best results are achieved with a series of 3-5 peels though even the benefits of the peel can be recognized even after one peel.


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