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Where can I obtain a natural mini facelift in Atlanta?

Dr. Mike Majmundar, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs some of the most natural results in a mini facelift Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, all have to offer.

A Natural mini-facelift, pioneered by Dr. Majmundar, is the latest, most innovative solution to aging and sagging skin. It is considered by many as the instant miracle to aging and is quickly becoming the most highly requested procedure among patients in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and other cities in the U.S.

Patients who choose to have a natural mini facelift reap the full benefits of a revitalized youthful appearance, while suffering very little scarring with minimum post-surgery risk and short recovery periods. The result of a natural mini-facelift lasts 7-10 years.

Who should consider a Natural mini facelift?

It is the most recommended treatment for patients who exhibit the first signs of aging, especially those between the ages of 35 and 50. Our Natural Mini-facelift, which is in high demand, targets specific areas of the face such as the neck, the cheek, or the chin and restores the youthful vitality by removing excess fat and tightening sagging skin in those areas. The procedure also appeals to patients who are new to plastic surgery. A natural mini-facelift provides patients the full benefits of a youthful appearance, minus the phobia of scarring, life-threatening post-surgical risks, and long periods of recovery under bandages and painkillers.

Though the average patient is 35-50 years of age, any patient with mild to moderate jowling and neck laxity is a candidate. The incisions are made in the common creases around the ear and heal well due to the nature of the natural mini facelift technique. There is a single small incision just below the chin used for neck liposuction (if needed) to obtain a uniform neck contour.

Benefits of a mini facelift include…

  • Safe, effective procedure with shorter downtime
  • Low risk procedure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Quickest improvement in jawline and neckline
  • Natural-looking outcome
  • Boosts confidence in one’s image
  • Short treatment time
  • Minimal scarring
  • Helps achieve a more youthful aesthetic

What is the secret miracle of a natural mini facelift?

The reasons why our natural mini facelift in Alpharetta has become a logical choice for men and women in Atlanta and other major cities in America are based on the fact that the procedure is a unique surgical treatment that has to be performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon who knows exactly the right spot(s) to fix.

The procedure targets a specific area of the face and involves making very small incisions in a less visible region of the face, such as behind the ear, above the temple, or under the jaw line. Most of the time, people do not even notice that a person has undergone a natural mini facelift due to the minimum visibility of scarring.

How can I prepare for a natural mini facelift?

A natural mini-facelift is a quick surgery that is performed under sedation. The procedure lasts about 90 -120 minutes, depending on the amount of work that is required.

Patients are normally given a week’s rest from work and can resume daily activities 7 days after the surgery. Like all surgical procedures, patients may feel some pain or discomfort after the surgery but greater than 95% of patients use only Tylenol.

  • Surgery: Outpatient
  • Anesthesia: IV sedation or general anesthesia
  • Procedure length: On average, 2 hours
Mini-Facelift Atlanta

Should I be concerned about looking ‘pulled’?

We consult with hundreds of men and women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities in Georgia every month regarding their facial appearance, and the most common concern or fear is ‘looking pulled’ or ‘weird’.

At Northside Plastic Surgery, we specialize in surgical and nonsurgical procedures that achieve youthful and natural results. Our signature procedures, such as our natural facelift in Atlanta, natural brow lift, or no scar rhinoplasty, are designed to result in a balanced, healthy, and natural contour.

How is this mini-facelift different?

Other mini facelift techniques rely on skin pulling to achieve the desired result. In the natural mini facelift, tissues below the skin are tightened and the overlying skin is gently re-draped, preventing a pulled or operated appearance every time, but still getting the beautiful jawline and neckline desired.

Unlike traditional mini facelifts that last 3-5 years, the natural mini facelift has a longevity of 7 years or longer.

Is the natural mini facelift painful?

Less than 5% of patients undergoing the natural facelift complain about pain. Every person has a different pain tolerance and, as such, pain medicine is provided to every patient; however, 95% of patients undergoing this procedure use nothing more than Tylenol.

What is the cost of a natural mini facelift?

Dr. Majmundar will assess the costs of your surgery during your confidential consultation in Atlanta. Fees will depend on the complexity of your surgery, and on whether you are undergoing any additional treatments in tandem with your mini facelift. Our office will assist you with applying for financing.

Why choose Dr. Majmundar in Atlanta for a mini facelift?

After graduating at the top of his class from the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Majmundar went on to become among the area’s top plastic surgeons, earning high praise as a “top doctor” from Atlanta Magazine, the US News and World Report and Castle Connolly. He was also named a ‘Top Plastic Surgeon for Face’ by Best Self Magazine.

Dr. Majmundar is a member of the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery, and the American Association of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Northside Plastic Surgery serves as a training facility for both Galderma and Suneva. It is also the site of the Advanced Cosmetic Techniques group, which trains physicians in Allergan, Merz and Prollenium products in addition to Galderma and Suneva.

Mini-Facelift Atlanta

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