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We know that our face tends to lose fullness and begin to droop as we age but so does our lip. It ages by losing volume in the red lip as well as the white part of the lip (above the pink part where men grow their moustaches). Also, as the lip ages, the white part of the lip loses elasticity causing the lip to stretch causing the red lip to roll in making it look thinner.

A nonsurgical lip lift, also known as our MM Lip Lift, is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical lip lift. Filler will add volume to the skin below the nose and above the red lip allowing more red lip to show, turning a small portion of the red lip upward. The filler can also be used to fill in vertical lipstick lines resulting in a younger, smoother appearance to the lips. This can be combined with lip augmentation, using additional filler, to have fuller red lips if desired.

A nonsurgical lip lift will replace lost volume in the areas above the red lip to allow the red lip border to turn upward into its natural position but remain age appropriate. What this does is reveal more red lip and reduces the height between the nose and red lip. This is ideal for individuals over the age of 50 who begin to notice a thinner red lip.

A nonsurgical lip augmentation can be performed by adding volume, also in the form of Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Lyft, or Voluma, into the red lip in addition to the white lip to add plumpness. Conservative lip augmentation is performed unless more is requested by the patient. Vertical lipstick lines around the red lip vermillion border can also be softened by adding volume in the form of Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero.

If you notice fine lines and wrinkles around your lips and wish for younger looking lips or more lip show, a nonsurgical lip lift or augmentation is a non-invasive way to achieve your desired results. Dr. Majmundar is double board certified in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, providing you with the highest level of training and expertise.

Non-Surgical Lip Lift

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