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Micro needling has been used for hundreds of years to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin support tissue as well as to enhance penetration of beneficial active ingredients.

The tools have changed over the years from a stamp-type device to a roller device and now to an electronic device which gives absolute precision of needle depth. Medical micro needling, as a cosmetic treatment, is used to improve skin tone and texture, while as a medical treatment is used to improve scarring and deeper damage in the skin. As a skin toning or tightening device, it works well around the eyes to help with crow’s feet and toning the skin, around the mouth to treat fine ‘pursing’ lines, or even over the entire face to improve texture and tone. Studies also show that micro needling, such as the Dermapen procedure before a cosmetic surgery, can also increase blood flow to the skin, improving the overall result of the facial surgery. It has also been shown to increase the survival of fat grafts such as with fat transfer to the face.

Because it increases the amount of collagen in the skin, it automatically makes the Dermapen a great toning and tightening device. The device ‘punches out’ microscopic portions of the skin using the micro needles which stimulates a healing cascade that recruits new collagen to the area helping to tighten and smooth the skin. Because it takes our bodies at least 10-12 weeks to create the new collagen, the results are not readily apparent until after the third treatment. Most individuals need 3-4 treatments a month apart for a good result. Having only one treatment before a cosmetic surgery helps the surgical site heal nicer and faster. Schedule an appointment to learn how this simple procedure can help improve your skin and facial scars. Call (770)475-3146 for a free consult today.

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