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Dr. Mike Majmundar, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs earlobe repair/reduction for the residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities in Georgia.

Our ear lobes age along with the rest of our face. With age, the ear lobe loses collagen, fat, and elastic tissue, weakening its structure and allowing it to stretch. Frequently, either because of chronic earring usage, accidental tears, heavy earring usage, or serial gauge insertion, the ear lobe can tear or stretch significantly. Even with normal aging, the ear lobe will stretch over time due to the effects of gravity and regular earring use.

Torn ear lobes can be repaired in the office under local anesthesia in about 10 to 20 minutes. Absorbable sutures are used to close the torn ear lobe and stitches dissolve over 10 to 14 days, so no suture removal is required. Long earlobes can be reduced in a variety of ways, either by themselves or at the same time as a natural neck lift or natural facelift.

Earlobe Repair and Rejuvenation

Ear Lobe Repair Atlanta

Reduction techniques remove excess skin, but maintain the normal rounded curve of the ear lobe, rejuvenating its appearance. Once the ear lobe is repaired or reduced, the ears can be conveniently pierced after four to six weeks by our staff at your follow-up appointment. You can expect minor bruising, swelling, and discomfort, easily treated with Tylenol.

This treatment is performed in the office and is made more comfortable through the use of nitrous oxide (also known as ‘laughing gas’) to minimize any discomfort or anxiety, making your experience stress free. The patient can drive themselves home within 10 minutes of the treatment! Because of the analgesic properties of nitrous oxide, the treatment can be combined with others to maximize the patient’s time.

Surgery: In-Office

Anesthesia: Local or IV Sedation

Procedure Length: 20-30 min (both sides)

Recovery: 1 day

Ear Lobe Repair Atlanta

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