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To obtain a better result for tightening or scarring, we combine the medical micro needling procedure with stem cell growth factors at the time of needling to increase penetration of these growth factors into the skin.

The stem cell cytokines or growth factors create a more ‘youthful’ environment for the skin cells after medical micro needling and during the healing process allowing a smoother, healthier result. The stem cell growth factors can be used for cosmetic purposes, medical purposes as in improving acne scarring, or simply to create a high-end medical facial which we call the BioStem Facial. The growth factors are safe for darker skin types as well. Visual improvements for cosmetic purposes generally appear after 2 weeks with continued improvements for several months.

Three to five sessions every 4 to 6 weeks are recommended depending on the condition (s) being treated, with medical indications requiring a greater number of treatments. Most patients have some redness for 2-6 hours after treatment but can return to work the next day. As a result, medical micro needling is considered a no downtime procedure, even when used as a BioStem Cell Facial. Schedule an appointment to learn how this simple procedure can help improve your skin and facial scars. Call (770)475-3146 for a free consult today.

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