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  • Most individuals don’t think about aging in their 20’s but that’s when it starts. Prevention at this stage is easier than treatment unless you are already seeing brown spots and fine lines.
  • Continue sunscreen daily with a good UVA block and spf of 30 (Visage MD Sunguard)
  • Add daily topical antioxidant (Visage MD CE Brightening serum) to help sunscreen work better and to treat early collagen damage

Optional or as needed for 20’s:

  • Add medical grade facials (Hydrafacial MD) every 6-8 weeks in addition to daily skin care regimen to boost home skin care
  • Consider treating sun damage (brown spots, poor texture, if present) early to minimize aging changes to skin using intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, topical Exfolibright C, or pigment peels (Visage MD Brightening peel).
  • If fine lines beginning to show, especially in forehead, between eye brows, or around the eyes and lips, start thinking about Dysport or Botox to keep these from getting deeper.
  • Begin microneedling or RadioFrequency microneedling (Inifini Genius) to improve acne scarring if present
Aging Prevention in Your 20’s, Northside Plastic Surgery

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