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Dr. Mike Majmundar, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, offers microdermabrasion to the residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities in Georgia.

Often used as a treatment for light scarring, skin discoloration, sun damage or stretch marks, microdermabrasion employs a minimally abrasive surgical tool — a type of light sand blaster — that essentially sands the outer layer of your skin, revealing a healthier, rejuvenated glow. This type of treatment also is practical for age spots, large pores and acne.

Microdermabrasion makes use of crystals that move gently across the skin and remove the skin’s top layer, called the epidermis, and stimulates new skin growth. The procedure also helps to thicken the skin’s collagen, a protein in the skin that can enhance the skin’s volume and smoothness, which can result in a more youthful appearance.

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes, and you may feel a mild scratching as the skin’s top layer is removed, a vibrating sensation similar to a massage, and a suction device designed to remove the dead skin. There is virtually no pain associated with microdermabrasion, and any pain that you may experience will likely resolve in a short period of time. Because of this, the procedure does not require use of any anesthesia, and there also is no recovery or downtime following the procedure. Following the procedure, you may experience a dry, flakiness of the skin, a bruising that may be a result of the suction that is used and sensitivity to the sun. Be sure to use sunscreen when outdoors, particularly immediately following the treatment. You may be advised to use a special moisturizer to enhance and prolong the results of the procedure.


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