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What is a Quick MiniLift?

The Quick MiniLift in Atlanta is an incredible non-invasive skincare treatment. This procedure is a patient-centric micro surgery alternative to traditional facelifts, which reduces the amount of time under the knife.

It tightens the skin throughout the lower face and neck while removing moderate to severe wrinkles, sagging skin and jowls. Our Atlanta Quick MiniLift requires a smaller, shorter operation and less downtime in recovery while still producing incredibly flattering results.

Atlanta Quick MiniLift results

After a quick minilift, patients are surprised to look as much as a decade younger. Because the procedure hones in on the primary factors that are the most advanced and obvious signs of aging in the areas of the body that show aging most prominently, the Quick MiniLift has a substantial impact on complexion, skin tautness and definition and washes away years of saggy skin, fatty deposits and evidence of aging.

Atlanta Quick MiniLift benefits

  • A Quick MiniLift is less invasive than a facelift and faster than one.
  • Roll back up to a decade of aging, creases, evidence of sun exposure, wrinkles and more.
  • Hone in on the root evidence of aging and tackle it in a single short procedure.
  • The Quick MiniLift is done under local anesthesia with little downtime and only micro incisions
  • It is less involved than even a mini facelift, yet produces profound results.

Dr. Majmundar is very good at what he does. He is not only knowledgeable but takes great care of his patients. - L. T.

Why the Quick MiniLift?

When our teeth are stained but not black, or damaged but not dead, we can stop by the dentist for a brief cleaning, polishing and the occasional cavity treatment. It helps us avoid the much more extensive (and harrowing) root canal and similar stomach-churning procedures — all while boosting our oral health and prolonging the age and beauty of our teeth.

Now, there is a brief lift that does much the same for our faces: the Quick MiniLift, proudly perfected by one of Atlanta’s “Top Doctors”, Dr. Mike Majmundar. Dr. Majmundar is a teacher and artist who prides himself on organic and youthful results that augment a patient’s inner beauty. This is a procedure that almost anyone can get to exactly that end. Inner beauty augmented, exterior beauty accentuated.

Quick MiniLift Atlanta
Quick MiniLift Atlanta

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