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Dermapen for Acne Scarring, or Medical Micro needling, is used to improve scarring and deeper damage in the skin. It creates microscopic wounds that are deeper than those used for cosmetic treatments for toning or tightening since scars occur secondary to a deeper injury.

The device ‘punches out’ microscopic portions of the scar using the micro needles which in turn stimulates a healing cascade that recruits new collagen to the area helping to tighten and smooth the skin in the area of the scar. Because it takes our bodies at least 10-12 weeks to create the new collagen, the results are not readily apparent until after the third treatment. Most individuals need 5-6 treatments a month apart for a good result but several patients continue the treatments beyond this after they see the results for themselves. Scars such as those from previous surgery, trauma, and acne respond well. Even treatment of hypertrophic scars, or thick scars, have shown good results with 5 or more treatments.

This is a great option for individuals with darker skin types, such as asians, hispanics, and african americans, as facial scars cannot be easily treated with lasers, dermabrasion, or deeper peels because of the risk of scarring and pigmentation with these modalities. Medical Micro needling for darker skin types gives us an option to help these individual attain smoother skin without the risks of making the scarring or pigmentation worse. It can also be combined with superficial fillers to treat a depressed scar, as well as subcision and/or excision of deeper or wide scars for a greater improvement. Schedule an appointment to learn how this simple procedure can help improve your skin and facial scars. Call (770)475-3146 for a free consult today.

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