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Your face will reveal the passage of time before any other area of your body. If you are unhappy to see the signs of aging appearing, an Instalift can rejuvenate, restore, and refresh your look for years in a simple, fast procedure.

What is a Silhouette Instalift?

A Silhouette Instalift is a minimally invasive procedure to lift sagging cheeks and jowls, and smooth creases and folds around the mouth and nose. This groundbreaking thread lift is performed with a uniquely designed thread or suture, with tiny cones that help to support the tissues, precisely moved to a natural, more youthful position. The customized sutures will be secured to precise points on your facial structure, without the need for large incisions. This procedure provides some of the benefits of a surgical facelift and achieves remarkable results with minimal downtime.

Facial Thread Lift

Silhouette Instalift

What are the benefits of Silhouette Instalift?

The Silhouette Instalift is a revolutionary take on a thread lift. The range of benefits include:

  • Lifts and rejuvenates your facial contours
  • Smooths deep folds around your nose and mouth
  • Restores youthful jawline definition
  • Lifts jowls
  • Stimulates the production of collagen for long term skin rejuvenation
  • Requires less than an hour to perform
  • Recovery is short, with minimal downtime
  • Small needle-sized incisions, no visible scars
  • Sutures are composed of a biocompatible material and will dissolve on their own
  • Immediate and long-term rejuvenating results

Am I a candidate?

The Silhouette Instalift can be the perfect facial rejuvenation procedure if you are experiencing the early to mid-stages of facial aging and wrinkle development. You may also be a candidate if you have experienced significant weight loss that has impacted your facial contours. You could be a candidate if you are starting to notice:

  • Deeper creases developing around nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Sagging jowls and cheeks
  • Skin and muscle laxity affecting the lower facial region
  • Lost volume in your cheeks and sagging facial contours
  • Candidates should be in good health and have no current infections.

What is the procedure for Silhouette Instalift?

The procedure for Silhouette Instalift is as simple as one, two, three!

  • First, the entry and exit points are marked on your skin
  • Then the anesthetics are applied, and the sutures precisely inserted
  • The last step is anchoring and tightening the sutures to create a natural-looking result

What should I expect during the recovery period?

You should expect to take the first day off from work or your regular routine after the procedure. There will be some discomfort and swelling, easily controlled with mild pain relievers and the application of cold compresses. You will need to sleep on your back with your head elevated for the first five days to minimize swelling and to encourage healing. Strenuous exercise and activities such as contact sports must be avoided for the first week. Other aftercare instructions include:

  • Avoid making facial motions for the first twenty-four hours
  • Do not touch your face or massage the sutures
  • No sauna or activities that could cause excessive sweating
  • Full aftercare instructions are provided, and following the instructions is an essential part of a successful recovery.

When will I see the results?

The results are immediate and can be enjoyed right after your procedure. The results from Silhouette Instalift will only get better as you heal, and the swelling will fade. Over the following months, the sutures dissolve and the newly formed collagen adds strength, flexibility, and firmness that lasts.

Why should I choose Northside Plastic Surgery?

Northside Plastic Surgery was established by two acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeons with a wealth of knowledge and experience between them. Their empathy and compassion help them to enrich the lives of their patients. By offering Silhouette Instalift, Northside Plastic Surgery offers yet another avenue for their patients to achieve facial rejuvenation. A Silhouette Instalift can produce remarkably natural results when performed by skilled surgeons. By choosing Northside Plastic Surgery, you can be confident your treatment will be performed with the highest level of skill, and meticulous attention to detail for stunning results.

Silhouette Instalift

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