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Our basic medical skin care package is a collection of medical grade skin care products aimed at helping individuals with sun damaged and aging skin begin the road to protecting, preserving, but also increasing the collagen and elastic tissue remaining in their facial skin. The products are from Dr. Mike Majmundar’s private skin care line, Visage MD, with high-purity ingredients with a history of safety and efficacy that actually improves the appearance and health of the skin based on scientific studies.

The basic package contains an exfoliating cleanser, a brightening lotion with Vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as a medical grade UVA sunblock. This provides an essential base to improve skin smoothness, brown spots, fine lines, protect collagen and elastic tissue, and minimize oxidizing injury to the skin. Additional products, based on the patient’s concerns, can also be introduced including tretinoin, retinol eye cream, moisturizers, more effective exfoliants, lightening agents, as well as stem cell biosignals.

Basic cosmetic Skin Care Packages, Northside Plastic Surgery

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