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Our nonsurgical corner of mouth lift, a part of the MM lip Lift, is a minimally invasive technique to smooth the drooping of the corners of the mouth. The corner of the mouth is an important area studied by Dr. Mike Majmundar as drooping of this area suggests an aged appearance even in younger patients.

The corner of the mouth can droop for several reasons: a heavy lower cheek, constant muscle pulls downwards at the corners, excessive sagging facial skin, volume loss at the midface as well at the chin and corner of the mouth, as well as volume loss in the lips losing support at the corners.

Because of the multiple reasons the corners droop, the treatment usually involves a combination of products and maneuvers to improve this area. Most commonly, lifting the cheek tissue will correct some of the deepening of the corner of the mouth and marionette lines by decreasing the cheek heaviness in the area. Relaxing the muscle at the corner of the mouth with Botox also helps level the corner. Adding volume to either side of the chin also creates a supporting ‘strut’ that pushes the corner of the mouth up and usually this is performed with adding volume and support to the white part of the lip which can be performed without changing the size of the lip.

Despite these maneuvers, the corners of the mouth may improve but not completely level. In these cases, sometimes the excess facial skin may need to be addressed with a mini-facelift or necklift or tightening the facial skin with our fractional CO2 laser. Still, others may need a jowl implant or chin implant to add support below the corner to push it up. Heavier individuals with heavy lower cheeks may need a mini-facelift and cheek lift to improve the corners of the mouth though none of these situations keeps one from trying a nonsurgical corner of mouth lift in the office to obtain some improvement without surgery.

Curious about your best option? Visit with Dr. Mike Majmundar with a complimentary consultation and learn about the way your corner of mouth is aging. Usually, nonsurgical treatments can be performed the same day as your consult. Call us at 770-475-3146 today!

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