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Fat injections have been on a roller coaster ride for the last 3 decades. At first, plastic surgeons thought it lasted permanently (it does for a small percentage), and then we thought they were semi-permanent (lasts at least 5 years which it does for a small percentage), but now we know fat injections on average last 1-5 years depending on the person and how that person stores, metabolizes, and uses their own fat.

Fat injections have recently become very popular because it offers larger volumes for a single price, it’s the patient’s own tissue, and fat can be removed from an unwanted body area to the patient’s face.

Fat can be used anywhere in the face. It is especially good for midface, temple, and lower face volume. It can also be used in the lips and around the eyes. Fat also seems to change the quality of the overlying skin improving mild scars and texture. It is commonly performed at the same time as other surgeries such as facelift, rhinoplasty, or blepharoplasty.

The process involves harvesting fat from the lower abdomen through a small incision in the belly button that hides extremely well, then processing the fat before reinjecting it into the face using blunt cannulas which helps reduce the swelling and associated bruising. Downtime usually involves swelling for approximately 10 days with minimal to mild bruising. Most patients use Tylenol for any discomfort.

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