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Your lips are one of the first parts of your face to show signs of aging. Over time, a combination of natural aging and external environmental factors leaves them looking chapped, thin, and dry. A lip lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that shapes your upper or lower lips to make them appear more youthful, supple, and luscious. Dr. Mike Majmundar is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who performs some of Atlanta’s best lip lifts, aiming to restore your lips’ youthfulness with personally tailored and natural-looking results.

What are some common advantages of lip lift?

  • Fuller and more voluminous lips
  • Nicely lifts the corners of mouth
  • Produce desirable lip contours
  • Smoothes the lips
  • Make the lip line appear more prominent
  • Remove drooping lip tissues to show more teeth
  • Improved smile
  • Improved confidence
  • Permanent results
  • Procedure concludes within an hour

Am I a suitable candidate for a lip lift?

Contrary to popular belief, a lip lift isn’t just meant for older individuals with cracked or drooping lips. A lip lift turns back the clock to make your lips appear younger, making it just as suitable for someone in their 20s as it is someone in their 50s. A lip lift is an ideal procedure for anyone concerned about their lips’ appearance and shape, whether you have mild, moderate, or severe signs of aging.

You’re an ideal candidate for a lip lift if you:

  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Are a non-smoker or are willing to quit before and after the procedure
  • Want to improve your lip shape and appearance
  • Have either early or advanced signs of aging
  • Want to feminize or masculinize your facial features
  • Have hanging upper lips that droop down over your teeth
  • Have a constant frown because of downturned lip corners
  • Want to ensure optimal upper lip and lower lip proportions
  • Prefer long-lasting or permanent results instead of temporary results
  • Want immediate results
  • Are willing to accept small and well-concealed scars
  • Can take about a week off of work at some jobs to recover

Atlanta’s natural lip lift specialist

A lip lift is a delicate procedure that necessitates experience, skills, and artistry. Dr. Majmundar is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and he’s been named among the “top doctors” in the nation by Castle Connolly, making him one of the foremost experts on lip lifts in the country. Dr. Majmundar has an exceptional educational background, having graduated in the top 10% of his class at the Medical College of Georgia. Besides his stellar credentials and reputation, Dr. Majmundar is — above all things — a surgical artist. He patiently discusses your cosmetic goals and examines your lips to craft an artistic treatment plan for your specific needs.

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