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Breast Implant Removal

Though breast implant augmentation is an extremely popular procedure, there are occasions when breast implant removal is necessary. Our Atlanta breast implant removal procedure involves the surgical removal of the implants, and in some cases, both the implant and the scar tissue that has developed around it are removed.

What can I expect with breast implant removal?

During your consultation, our breast surgeon will evaluate the condition of your breasts and speak with you about what you want to achieve. The surgery is similar to your augmentation procedure, and the incisions placed in the existing scars. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. After the anesthesia is administered, our surgeon will place the incisions to perform the removal of your implants. When removing breast implants, there are three main types of incisions your doctor may use:

  • Periareolar (around the areola)
  • Vertical or Wise pattern breast lift incisions
  • Inframammary (in the natural crease of the breast)

The type of incisions will be determined by a variety of factors including the type of implants you have, whether you are requesting a removal, replacement or new implants in conjunction with a breast lift.

Your current breast implants, and in some cases, hardened scar tissue will be surgically removed. When adding a breast lift or replacement after the removal, your surgeon will remove any excess skin and tighten the breast tissues during the lift or insert the new breast implants. Once the removal and additional lift or replacement of your implants is complete, our surgeon will carefully close the incisions and bandage the surgical sites.

What is recovery like from a breast implant removal?

While breast implant removal surgery is still considered a major surgery, it is often much smoother with an easier recovery period than the initial augmentation procedure. Your doctor will fit you with a customized compression garment to lessen the swelling and help the healing process. You will need to wear this compression garment nonstop for at least two weeks.

Your breasts may appear slightly deflated after the implants are removed, but if you have firm, supple skin, it could take several months to achieve the final look. If you have excessively stretched skin and tissue, you may need a breast lift to restore a plump, healthy look.

While you will need to follow our aftercare instructions closely during your recovery, most patients can expect to return to work or other activities after one week. You will need to refrain from strenuous activity, such as lifting objects over five pounds (including children and pets), for up to six weeks.

I am pleased with the staff and certainly appreciate the time taken to explain all the possibilities for my satisfaction. - B. B.

Am I a good candidate for breast implant removal?

The best candidates for breast implant removal in Alpharetta are experiencing discomfort or dissatisfaction with their current breast appearance. To be approved for the procedure, you should be in good overall health, at a stable weight, and be a non-smoker, or willing to quit. If you are considering a breast implant removal, please reach out to our caring, compassionate, and talented staff to schedule a private consultation.

Why choose Northside Plastic Surgery for breast implant removal?

Northside Plastic Surgery is regarded as a top plastic surgery center in the Atlanta area. With several decades of experience combined, Dr Majmundar and Dr. Klein are very accomplished in the best techniques for breast implant removal. Both doctors are board-certified and have received accolades such as Top Doctor numerous times from Atlanta Magazine.

Breast Implant Removal Atlanta

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