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This patient received the following procedures:

    40 year old female bothered by her thin upper lip, flattening and drooping of her cheeks, crooked nose, asymmetric nasal tip, heaviness under her chin, and mild jowling along jawline. Pt wants to wait a few more years until considering a minifacelift. The patient underwent an open rhinoplasty to reduce the width of the nose / tip and to straighten the nose, an upper lip lift to give her more upper lip show and fullness, neck liposuction under the chin and along the jawline to improve neck and jawline definition, as well as fat injection to improve flattening of her cheeks, tear trough hollowing, prejowl sulcus (shadowing on either side of the chin in front of jowling), and to support the drooping cheek tissue to improve her jowling. The patient was thrilled with her results.

Individual results may vary.

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