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This patient received the following procedures:

  • 40 year old female who desired more upper lip volume, a smaller and less projected nose on side profile (she liked her front view), more cheek contour, less shadowing under the eyes, and removal of mild heaviness under her chin. The upper lip was surgically lifted vertically to giver her more lip show and to reduce the distance between the nose and upper lip. The nose was deprojected and the dorsum was reduced to create a more feminine nasal contour on profile view. Fat injections were performed to add volume to the midface, to fill the tear troughs bilaterally, add cheek contour, lift the corner of the mouth on both sides, and create a sharper jawline. The mild neck heaviness was removed using neck liposuction.

Individual results may vary.

Neck Liposuction Before and After | Northside Plastic Surgery

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