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This patient received the following procedures:

    Patient wanted to touch up her tear trough fillers that she previously had done a year prior. During out consultation, we reviewed her specific anatomy, and determined that to best highlight her eyes, treating adjacent areas to the tear troughs would be best. She had some volume loss of her midface and by addressing her anteromedial cheek and malar cheek with Restylane Lyft we were able to support the tear trough area, allowing for less filler in this sensitive area. We created a youthful lifted cheek with a hint of definition. We were able to achieve this look with a total of 3 syringes of Lyft and only half a syringe was used between both tear troughs. She also wanted to add volume to her lips. She has a beautiful cupids bow, so we used 1 syringe of Restylane Kysse to add volume to her central lower lip and to highlight the beautiful shape of her upper lip.

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