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BroadBand Light (BBL) Therapy is an advanced skin rejuvenation technique that takes years off your complexion, wiping away the harsh effects of age, sun damage, acne breakouts, and environmental problems. The BBL device uses intense pulsed light therapy to activate collagen production, stimulate skin cell turnover, and improve your skin’s overall firmness and texture, with no downtime or complications.

How Does BBL Therapy Work?

BroadBand Light is a cutting-edge technology that improves your skin complexion using intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

BBL delivers steady streams of light energy into the skin's upper layers (epidermis) to activate your body’s natural collagen production capabilities. Collagen serves as a structural framework for your skin, keeping it taut and firm against your body. The gradual loss of collagen directly contributes to sagging skin and wrinkles. However, BBL therapy replenishes your collagen reserves to increase your skin’s overall firmness and youthfulness.

The photothermal energy delivered by the BBL device also eliminates the visible veins and blood vessels on your skin’s surface responsible for redness. It also regulates melanin production to treat hyperpigmentation and remove the pigmented lesions from your skin’s surface. The BBL device includes cooling features to ensure the procedure is comfortable even as it delivers thermal energy into your skin tissues.

What are the Treatment Areas?

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back of the hands

What does BBL Treat?

  • Pigmented lesions and hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular lesions and spider veins
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea and redness
  • Age spots and sunspots
  • Textural irregularities
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

BBL Treatment Overview

1. Consultation

Your BroadBand Light therapy will start with a detailed consultation with your provider, who will carefully examine your face, neck, chest, and hands to identify the cosmetic concerns. They’ll primarily focus on pigmentation problems, vascular lesions, and sun damage.

We will discuss your medical history and medication usage to determine if you can proceed with the treatment directly or if you need a preparation period. If you need to prepare, they’ll provide the guidelines and ask you to return later.

2. Preparation

  • Stay out of direct sunlight before the treatment
  • Avoid tanning beds for a few days before the treatment
  • Stop taking certain medications that increase light sensitivity.

3. Treatment

The BroadBand Light treatment is quick, painless, and efficient, concluding within 30 to 60 minutes. The provider will adjust the BBL device according to your specific skin type, concerns, and needs, and move the device over the treatment areas.

You’ll feel a little warm as the light energy seeps into your skin, but there’s no pain or discomfort. Your skin might also seem a little red and swollen—that’s also normal. Topical anesthesia isn’t necessary, but you can request it if you have a low tolerance for discomfort.

BBL Therapy FAQs

Q. What does BBL therapy feel like?

BBL is a gentle and non-invasive procedure that doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. At most, you might feel a little warm during the procedure. If you’re particularly concerned, you can ask for topical anesthesia to numb the treatment areas.

Q. How many BBL treatments do I need?

Most patients need 2 to 4 sessions per year for optimal results. However, the number of BBL sessions you need will depend on your specific skin concerns and goals. Our provider will curate the ideal treatment plan and frequency to help you achieve your goals.

Q. What are the recovery guidelines?

  • Don’t use scented lotions and exfoliants
  • Don’t scrub your skin aggressively
  • Use an ice pack to reduce swelling
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 45 or higher
  • Avoid tanning beds for a few days

When will I see the results?

The results will start appearing in a week or two. Some of the pigmented lesions, sunspots, and freckles will darken and flake off within three weeks.

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