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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mike Majmundar’s practice is unique in that it focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, his complete approach to facial aesthetics promotes healthy skin, youthful contours, and natural results, without appearing “done” or artificial.

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Our Plastic Surgery Practice

The World Values a Youthful Appearance

As a society, we value an active lifestyle, social interaction, and a youthful appearance. It is a sign of health, vitality, and freshness. Your face defines others’ first impressions of you. Do you appear alert, engaged, and energetic, or do you come across as tired, sad, or angry? As we age, we lose elasticity in our facial tissues and muscles and our skin becomes coarse, mottled, dry, and wrinkly. We may need more than makeup and topical anti-aging creams to turn back the effects of time. That’s why we’re here.



At Northside Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to giving patients the best cosmetic and reconstructive experience possible. We care for our patients as we care for our loved ones, with respect and dignity. We are committed to compassionate, high quality care that is centered on the patient. As such, patients have the security of knowing that not only are they getting a highly qualified surgeon, but also a positive life-enhancing experience.

Patient Privacy

The cornerstone of any physician/patient relationship is the trust that all interactions will remain private and confidential. While some patients may choose to share their surgical experience, many do not and, instead, want the security of knowing that all aspects of their care will be kept confidential. In order to ensure this privacy, all consultations are done one-on-one with the doctor, all records are kept on site, and the staff is trained to be highly sensitive to privacy issues.

Your Consultation

Your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Majmundar will help you decide if the cosmetic procedure you have been considering is right for you. Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of good rapport between the patient and the surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations, begins in the consultation room before surgery. This consultation is an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Majmundar personally, discuss your goals and expectations, determine which procedures would best meet these goals, and address any questions. We value our patients’ privacy and ensure a comfortable and confidential setting to discuss your concerns.

At the end of your consultation, you will be given a quotation for the procedures discussed. The quote includes the surgeon’s fees, the anesthesiologist’s fees, the nurses’ fees, OR fees, medications, bandages, sutures, anesthesia agents, photographs, all pre-operative visits, date of surgery and all post-operative visits for a full six (6) months. All procedures can be performed under sedation or under general anesthesia as per the patient’s preference. Finance options will also be discussed with you.

Pre-Operative Appointment

Should you decide to pursue a surgical procedure; a pre-operative appointment will be made for you. This will give you another opportunity to meet with Dr. Majmundar to ask any additional questions, address any new concerns, and discuss the procedure with its inherent risks and benefits. Dr. Majmundar will also discuss pre-operative instructions with you, including methods to minimize bruising and swelling to quicken recovery. In addition, post-operative instructions will be reviewed in detail, prescriptions will be given, and digital photographs will also be taken.

Day of Surgery

Dr. Majmundar is a credentialed and privileged physician at the following hospitals and surgery centers:

  • Northside Hospital – Main Campus
  • Northside Hospital – Forsyth Campus
  • Atlanta Outpatient Surgery Center
  • North Fulton Regional Hospital
  • St. Joseph ‘s Medical Center
  • Greater Atlanta Plastic Surgery Center


Our utmost priority is your safety. We work with only accredited hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. On the day of your surgery, the facility staff and board certified MD anesthesiologists will prepare you for your surgery and make you comfortable. You will meet with Dr. Majmundar before your surgery to ask any additional questions you may have. We understand that the morning of surgery can be an anxious time; that’s why we take measures to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible prior to your procedure. Everything from dim lighting and warm blankets to comfortable recliners will help put your mind at ease. If needed, we can also administer anti-anxiety medications to improve your comfort level.

After surgery, Dr. Majmundar will personally visit with your family in a private consultation area and update them on your recovery. Recovery generally takes 45-90 minutes, after which you will be allowed to go home.

Post-Operative Course

You will receive a phone call from our staff the night of surgery or the next morning to check on you. Most patients will return to see us in 5-7 days after surgery. If you have dressings in place, your first visit may be as soon as the day after surgery. Most patients experience some bruising and swelling; Dr. Majmundar will discuss methods to minimize this to quicken recovery at your preoperative appointment.

Surgery Center

Greater Atlanta Plastic Surgery Center, an on-site facility at our Roswell location, is an AAAHC accredited, state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center specializing only in face, head and neck surgery. The safety of our patients is always our primary concern. As such, we have board certified MD anesthesiologists, who are also on staff at Emory hospital, perform your anesthesia and remain present during your entire case. All of our staff nurses are certified and have over 20 years of experience. All of our staff has undergone sensitivity training assuring that we maintain the utmost in privacy and confidentiality while at the center. The center provides a private, confidential, and comfortable setting where only one surgery is performed at a time, giving you the full attention of our staff nurses, assistants, technicians, anesthesiologists, and of course, our board certified facial plastic surgeon.


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Northside Plastic Surgery Ribbon Cutting
January 7th, 2016

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Top Atlanta Doc

Named a Top Atlanta Doctor by his peers for 6 years in a row.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Patients for voting! Dr. Mike Majmundar named 2013 “Best of Atlanta” for Botox and Injectables by Jezebel.