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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mike Majmundar’s practice is unique in that it focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, his complete approach to facial aesthetics promotes healthy skin, youthful contours, and natural results, without appearing “done” or artificial.

Second Chance Surgeries

Mole / Skin Tag Removal Atlanta

Dr. Mike Majmundar, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, performs mole/skin tag removal for the residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities in Georgia.

Many people have moles that they have had for years. Sometimes, they become larger with age, but are not bothersome when combing or shaving. Other moles enlarge, and may be found to be suspicious by your dermatologist. When it comes to facial moles, most individuals who are interested in having them removed are also interested in obtaining a good cosmetic result.

Anytime an incision is made anywhere on the body, there is a chance of a visible scar. Of course, as a facial plastic surgeon, it is Dr. Majmundar’s goal to make that facial scar look as nice as possible. One advantage of trading a mole for a small scar is that scars are easily covered with makeup and other cosmetics, whereas moles are difficult to cover.

If the mole is darkly pigmented, or has hair follicles, it usually means the mole goes deep into the skin and the best way to remove it is surgically, usually requiring a couple of stitches. Sometimes the mole, such as a skin tag, can be shaved at the base, minimizing any scarring. However, if shaving is performed on a dark or hairy mole, there is a large chance that the mole may come back, requiring a second procedure. Discussing the best procedure for you with Dr. Majmundar will help minimize the chances of scarring and the necessity of a second procedure.

Anytime a mole is removed, it is automatically sent to a pathology lab for testing to make sure it is not cancerous. Please note that this will be billed to your insurance company.

You may expect some minor bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort, easily treated with Tylenol. The fine skin stitches are removed in seven days at your follow-up appointment, and the results of the pathology test will be discussed at that time, if available.

We consult with hundreds of men and women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities in Georgia every month regarding their facial appearance, and the most common concern or fear is ‘looking pulled’ or ‘weird’.

At Northside Plastic Surgery, we specialize in surgical and nonsurgical procedures that achieve youthful and natural results. Our signature procedures, such as our Natural Facelift, Natural Brow Lift, or No Scar Rhinoplasty, are designed to result in a balanced, healthy, and natural contour.

Top Atlanta Doc

Named a Top Atlanta Doctor by his peers for 6 years in a row.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Patients for voting! Dr. Mike Majmundar named 2013 “Best of Atlanta” for Botox and Injectables by Jezebel.